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Score Composition

With every musical score I make I aim to bring you the highest quality in writing, production and effort.  To achieve this, I like to work closely with the director to ensure the desired sentiments make it through the speakers.  From immersive electronic textures to captivating orchestral melodies, I provide a cross genre product catered to your needs.

Sound Design

Sound Design is a crucial component for any animated video.  It’s that immersive characteristic which really sells your audience on the world you’re presenting them. I’m happy to work independently or closely with your team to create the atmosphere you desire.

Audio Production

With a ready equipped recording studio and access to field equipment, I’m always prepared to capture foley sounds and voiceover whenever needed.  Having this capability allows me to move the product seamlessly into post-production where I can equalize, sweeten and add all the subtleties required of any professional sounding video.



Please email me for the extended package of musical samples that I’ve compiled

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